Pipe Organ Tools   

Wind Pressure Gauge - 0-15"
Dwyer brand in plastic carry case with stand and hose as seen. A Must Have Tool! Uses no water!
Priced at $125.00 plus shipping

gauge gauge

Pipe Makers Beating Block
for forming pipe metal on mandrels. New and unused. Made of rock maple.
Priced at $75.00 plus shipping

Beating Block Beating Block
Beating Block

Laukhuff Pipe Chest layout patterns
these are made of zinc and are no longer available since Laukhuff stopped operation
For pipes 4' & up includes stand.
Priced at $225.00


OSI Pipe Chest Layout Patterns with Stand
These are really nice to have for easy chest layout. They are PVC and very well made with a huge range of sizes
Priced at $300.00

PipeChest PipeChest

Reed Curving Block
Laukhuff Germany
Very High Quality with ebony surface. Now very hard to find since Laukhuff went out of business.
Comes with felt storage bag. Like new condition.
Priced at $225.00 plus shipping.

Laukhuff Laukhuff

Laukhuff Laukhuff

Key Weights

Great for when you are working by yourself to hold keys!

Priced at $22.00 plus shipping


Professional Wire Spool measuring /cutting system

 Has the foot counter, spool holder and winding spool just like in a hardware store. 

A great way to measure out pipe organ wire! 

Priced at $200.00 plus S&H (it is quite heavy). These are very expensive new.



Engraving System 

 New Hermes brand

 Well made professional engraving system includes engraving machine

 6 sets of fonts, extra cutters, an edger to bevel name plates

 some engraving material, and accessories.

  All that you need to be able to do engraving .

 Priced at $1,600.00 and must be picked up in York, PA.




Tuning Fork with case

 A-440 pitch.

 Priced at $20.00 plus S&H

Wood Carvers Hammer

 Priced at $15.00 plus S&H

DB Sound Level Meter. 

Measures sound level (volume) in DB's. 

Priced at $30.00 plus S&H