Solid State Organ Equipment Systems

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Peterson Solid State Multi

Level Duo Set Combination Action

 (A-B-C-D memory levels)

 Set up now for pistons 1-4 GR-SW & PED& GEN at this time.

 Includes cable to plug into Peterson SAMS . 

For 40 stops and wired now for 37 & two Reversibiles. 

Worked fine when removed- Priced at $600.00 plus S&H


MIDI Ports & Cables

 New Never Used


 For use with Midi solid state systems

 Priced at $50.00 plus S&H


Digital Read Out

 Up & Down Control For Memory on solid state combination action

 Priced at $20.00 plus S&H


Peterson 30 amp Rectifier

Worked when removed

 Priced at $100.00 plus S&H


Peterson Pedal Contact Setting LED Board:

This allows for easy bench setting of Peterson Pedal Reed Switches and has led lights that light to help you set up the contact adjustment.

New never used.

Priced at $25.00 plus S&H

Peterson Multiplex Top Octave Key Contact Card (2 manual- two cards total)

New Old Stock-For the old style under key contact Peterson Keyboard systemalso includes2 Multiplex Key Cables.

These are the two cards and cables you need to change to convert standard keyboards of this style to Multiplex.

Priced at $40.00 plus S&H

32' Resultant Doide Array Board

Gives you a 32' resultant from any 16' Pedal Bourdon.

Wire in a switched line from your pedal contacts and a line out to your pipes.

The diodes do the rest without extra pedal contacts or multi switches.

This board is 30 notes. A very easy way to get a 32' resultant on any pipe organ.

Priced at $75.00 plus S&H