Reed Organs For Sale

Reed Organ Knee Swells (Pair) for use or display

 Priced at $12.00 plus S&H


Reed Organ Bellows Reservoir Springs (Estey) 

 You are buying the lot of 2 springs.

 Priced at $20.00 for the pair plus S&H


Reed Organ Brochure

Late 1800’s

 Beatty’s Cabinet Organs , New Jersey

 8 pages

 Priced at $10.00 


Swann Melodeon (circa 1852)

Refinished Rosewood Case!

It is a nice piece of furniture as well as a historic little instrument.

It had been rebuilt about 25 years ago, but needs a little TLC now to make operational.

Fantastic for any Victorian or Antebellum or Civil War age house where a period look is desired.

Hard to find them in this nice of condition.

Priced at $350.00

Must be picked up at our York, PA warehouse.