Reed Organs For Sale

Player Reed Organ & Piano Player (Wilcox & White Angelus Orchestral)

Plays by Rolls and has a built in reed organ and also can be pushed up to a piano and will play any piano

Can play either reed organ or piano or both together as selected by draw knobs

Quite Rare and hard to find

Has walnut case and comes with a box of rolls included and also paperwork on the instrument and pictures from when it was restored some years ago

 A very interesting little instrument!

Priced at $600.00

 Must Be picked up at our York, PA Warehouse






Mason & Hamlin Original framed trade card-late 1800’s

 Priced at $20.00 plus shipping


Small Early Folding Reed Organ (looks like rosewood case)

 I could not find a makers name

 Deserves to be restored

 Very Compact and not very heavy has one pump bellows

 I do not know any more information on it

 Priced at $200.00 plus shipping




Unique Reed Organ

 McLeod Wood, Guelph, Ontario Canada

 Unique ornate knee hole desk style

 Walnut case

 Needs restoration but I have never seen one like it and it deserves to be restored

 Priced at $300.00 must be picked up. 










Reed Organ Knee Swells (Pair) for use or display

 Priced at $12.00 plus S&H


Reed Organ Bellows Reservoir Springs (Estey) 

 You are buying the lot of 2 springs.

 Priced at $20.00 for the pair plus S&H


Reed Organ Brochure

Late 1800’s

 Beatty’s Cabinet Organs , New Jersey

 8 pages

 Priced at $10.00 


Swann Melodeon (circa 1852)

Refinished Rosewood Case!

It is a nice piece of furniture as well as a historic little instrument.

It had been rebuilt about 25 years ago, but needs a little TLC now to make operational.

Fantastic for any Victorian or Antebellum or Civil War age house where a period look is desired.

Hard to find them in this nice of condition.

Priced at $350.00

Must be picked up at our York, PA warehouse.