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Moller Organ  Built

1936 With 1982 Additions

Single Rank E.P. Unit Chests

 Very compact and nice condition.

Ask for more information




Ventus 1 hp Compact Blowers (2 Available)

220vac 1 phase

 Like New Condition

 Priced at $1,200 each (new these are over $3,000.00 each)



8 Chimney Flute

 Moller 1936

With wood stopped 8 basses

 Chimneys are internal style

Priced at $500.00

2 Octave

 Moller 1936

 Also has matching E.P. unit Chest Available

 Priced at $450.00 (pipes only) or $850.00 Pipes & Chest

8-4 Harmonic Flute

Moller 1936

 Priced at $450.00


16 Bassoon

 Went with 8 & 4 Bassoon/Hautbois listed

 This is a 16 12 note extension

 6 Wind

 Moller 1936

 Very nice reed

Open Top

 Priced at $1,200.00



8 Viol-D-Gamba

 Moller 1936

 Priced at $475.00

4-2 Block Flute


 1982 Addition

 Priced at $600.00


8 Principal

 1982 Addition 

 Basses are not mitered

 Priced at $500.00


8 Viola

 Moller 1936

 Priced at $500.00



1 3/5 Terz

 1982 addition

 (45 notes) also available is a Very Compact E.P. Unit chest for this rank.

 Priced at $350.00 pipes only or $650.00 for Pipes & Chest.

8 Cor-De Nuit

 1982 Addition

 In very nice condition with unit top octave extensions

 Priced at $600.00



4 Koppel Flute

 1982 Addition

 Very nice condition

 Priced at $625.00


4-2 Rohr Flute

 Moller 1936

 Priced at $425.00


8 Spitz Flute

1982 addition


Nice sounding

 Priced at $600.00



8 Dulciana 

Moller 1936

 8 CC is mitered rest are straight

 Priced at $325.00


2 2/3 Nazard


 1982 Addition

 Priced at $500.00

8 TC Flute Celeste

 1982 addition

 Priced at $500.00 

21 Note Chimes and Electric Chime Action

 (action is in 2 sections)

 Large Scale Chimes (A-440= 1 Diam-75 long)

 Also has pneumatic Chime relay Included

 Unique Action Design

 Chimes will polish up well

 I polished low A and looks very nice

Early Heavy Duty Deagan System.

 Includes original pneumatic Chime relay

 DC Operated.

 Priced at $500.00



4 Clarion (Trivo 1982)

 Very nice reed.

 Available with or without single rank unit EP chest.

 Priced at $600.00 (pipes) and pipes with chest for $900.00 

 Shipping additional



8 Pontifical Trumpet

Moller 1936

 Very Nice high Pressure Solo Reed!

8 wind

 Was able to solo over entire organ at full organ.

 Very impressive sound and nice condition.

Available either pipes only or pipes and single rank EP unit chest.

 Priced at (pipes only)-$1,500.00 or pipes and chest for $1,900.00.


4 Spitz Principal 

1982 OSI?

 Very nice condition and nice sounding

 Priced at $600.00


8- 4 Moller Hautbois Oboe


 Very Nice-capped with holes in center of cap and edges rolled up on cap

 Priced at $650.00


8 Cromorne

TRIVO 1982

 Great sounding and perfect condition-available pipes only or pipes and single rank EP unit chest

 Price at $700.00 (pipes only) or $1,100.00 (pipes and chest).



Pedal Mixture IV

 (32 notes- Four ranks)

 1982 OSI?

 Great Condition

 Pipes and Compact EP Unit Chest

 Priced at $900.00


Reisner 3 manual draw Knob Console

Medium oak


With early solid state combination action

 Ask If Interested.



8 Harmonic Trumpet

 TRIVO 1983

 Was the Swell Trumpet originally.

Not mitered

 Very Nice Rank!

 Priced at $800.00

 Picked up at our York, PA warehouse.




Plein Jeu Mixture III

 Moller 1936

 Was Swell Mixture 

 Priced at $500.00 plus S&H