Moller Organ  Built

1936 With 1982 Additions

8’ Oboe D Orchestra (ODO) 

Like A VDO Basically

Moller1930’s Nice Big String Sound

 4” Wind

  Priced at $600.00 




8’ Moller Salicional

 (73 notes-1930’s)

 Nice Vintage String

 Priced at $600.00




8’ Salicional

 Moller 1930’s

 Priced at $500.00 



8’ Dolce



 Priced at $400.00


8’ Bourdon



 Was originally on Swell organ

 Priced at $400.00



8’ Vox Humana

 Moller 1936

 Large Scale Solo Vox

 Priced at $400.00

8’ Gemshorn

 Moller 1936



 Priced at $400.00


8’ Moller Diapason (1936)

 With hard to find wood 8’ diapason basses


 Nice solid sound

 Can’t beat the wood diapason basses

 In very nice condition

 Priced at $550.00



8’ Moller Open Diapason


 Lead with zinc basses

 Generous scale

 Priced at $425.00


8’ Dulciana



 Priced at $350.00


Moller Offset Bass Chest

 24 notes

 Was the 8’ bass 12 for two strings originally with racking

 Priced at $250.00 


16’ Rohr Gedeckt

 Moller bass 1-12 and chest for the Rohr Gedeckt and another 12 note bass 12 (was 8’ Harmonic Flute).

 Was the 16’ bass to a swell unit flute on the manual and is rather small scale but had a nice sound.

  With racking and legs

Priced at $500.00 picked up at our warehouse.


Moller Bass 12 Offset Chests

 (2 of them) each one has two 12 note bass 12 on them plus legs and racking. 

One was a 8’ Principal & Block flute and the other was 8’ Cor-D- Neuit & Spitz. 

All would work for 8’ basses. 

Priced at $250.00 each chest.