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8’ Bourdon

 Metal Capped

Moller (1957) 

Priced at $400.00

1 3/5’ Tierce



 Priced at $375.00

4’ Flute Triangulair



 Priced at $500.00

2’ Super Octave



 Priced at $400.00

2’ Principal & 1 1/3 Quintflote (Both ranks shown in same pipe tray)

 Both Moller


 Priced at $375.00 each

4’ Principal



 Priced at $425.00

Mixture III-IV



Priced at $600.00

Mayland 21 note Chimes & Electric Chime Action

(chimes are solid style)

 Priced at $500.00 


16’ Principal


 12 note extension with chests and all racking.

Number 1-6 are mitered and are on one offset chest and # 7-12 are unmetered and are on another offset chest.

 Very Nice Condition

 Email or call for more information.


8’ Cromorne


 Very Nice Condition (1957)

Priced at $600.00 


8’ Oboe

 Moller (1957)

 Open Top Style)

 Priced at $600.00


8’ Erzahler

 Moller (1957)

 Priced at $500.00  

2’ Principal


 Priced at $475.00

16’ Holtz Gedeckt


 16’ bass 12 with chest & racking

 Very Nice Looking

 Low CCC in center of chest 

 A Layout

 Would look very nice exposed

 Played well when removed

 Priced at $450.00

 Must be picked up at our warehouse.



2’ Block Flute


 4” wind

 Priced at $400.00

Moller 3 Manual Draw Knob Air Console

 Playing well when removed and is in  intact condition and can be hooked right back up and used.

 Golden Oak Case

 Includes console, bench & pedal board. 

Priced at $1,200.00 

Must be picked up or you arrange pick up & loading.





16’ Pedal Sub Bass


Large 10” diam at low CCC

 32 notes

Very nice pipes

 Priced at $450.00 Must be picked up at our York, PA warehouse.



8’ Erzahler 


3 ½” wind

 Priced at $425.00

8’ Gedeckt


 3 ½” wind

 Very Nice looking Rank

 Priced at $450.00


4’ Koppel Flute


 3 ½” Wind

 Very Nice

Priced  at $450.00


2 2/3 & 1 1/3’ Nazat


 3 ½” wind

 Priced at $425.00

8’ Rohr Schalmei


 3 ½” wind

 Very Nice Schalmei

  Priced at $600.00



2’ Principal


 3 ½” wind

 Priced at $425.00

8’ Rohr Gedeckt


 4” wind

 Priced at $ 475.00



8’ Viola D Gamba


 4” wind

 Priced at $450.00


8’ TC Viola Celeste


4” wind

 Priced at $400.00


4’ Spitz Principal

 4” wind


 Priced at $450.00


Mixture III


 4” wind

 Was Swell Mixture

 Priced at $450.00



8’- 4’ Harmonic Trompette & Clarion


 4” wind

  3 Ύ” scale at 8’ CC


 Parallel Shallots

 Nice Sounding Reed

 Priced at $600.00

 Also have matching 16’ Extension.



16’ Trompette

 4” wind

 4” scale at Low CCC

 Unmitered ½ length

 Parallel shallots

 Went with the Harmonic Trompette listed.

 Priced at $1,200.00

Moller Swell Motors

 Two Available

 They need recovered but are compact design

 $125.00 each

Wicks Compact Box Style Organ Blower

 Quiet and 115vac

 Played 3 rank unit organ

 3 ½” wind 

 Has an internal reservoir built into the blower box

  Priced at $300.00

 Best if picked up at our warehouse.



Haskell Basses (Estey)

 We have Two sets of Diapason Haskell Basses and a Melodia Bass 

 Priced at $300.00 





16’ & 8’ Basses

 We have 12 note basses for many ranks in stock and available to meet your needs. 

Let us know what you are looking for!


Moller 32 Note AGO Pedal Board with Contacts wired to PVC Cable

 Ready to Use

 Was from a Moller Cabinet Artiste Organ Originally

Priced at $200.00 

Must be picked up at our warehouse.



Reisner Electro-Pneumatic Chest Magnets ( 138 magnets in this Lot)

 They are 120 ohm with plain port. 

Priced at $250.00 for the box lot plus S&H


 Klann Electric Action Pipe Valves

 36- ½” toe hole valves and mounting screws.

 You are buying the entire lot for $125.00 plus shipping.


12 Note Offset Bass Chest

 EP design with racking

 Was for an 8’ Flute Bass originally

 Priced at $135.00 plus S&H


Schulmerich Carillonic Bells Paper Roll Played Carillon System

 Includes main roll player cabinet with built in basic  bell set and also an amplifier cabinet with updated amplifier.

 Also includes two extra 2 & 3 octave bell extension cabinets (4 steel cabinets total).

 Comes with 14 paper carillon rolls that were from this unit originally.

 Some patriotic , some Christmas and some hymns.

  Comes with keys to the cabinets.

 These are cool old units that are very well made and mostly electro-mechanical. 

 Must be picked up at our York, PA warehouse-will not ship. 

You are buying the lot for $850.00 







Furst EP Bass 12 offset chests

 Basses for 4 bass 12 and 1 bass 7 notes.

 These were used together and share one primary and were tubed together.

 Priced at $375.00 for both plus S&H


Furst Bass 12 Offset Chest

 EP for 3 ranks of bass 12 notes

 Priced at $250.00 plus S&H


Estey reedless 8’ Oboe (Oboe Gamba) TC

 Very keen Sound

 Tapered and spotted metal

Very nice rank.

 Priced at $450.00




Estey 4’ Harmonic Flute

 Priced at $350.00



Estey 8’ Gross Flute

 Bass 12 are open, not Haskell

 Priced at $400.00




Estey 8’ Vox Humana (long boot style) 

Priced at $300.00

 We also have many other vox humana’s by other builders in stock (ask if interested).



16’ Bombarde(Pedal)

 (full length)


 6” wind

12 notes

 Mitered to 12’ 

 Needs a few solder joints fixed. 

A few resonators in the 16’ octave have been replaced with correct scale replacements

 Priced at $800.00



4’ Clarion Trumpet (Harmonic) 

Casavant circa 1950

 61 notes

 Parallel  Shallots

 Nice condition

 Priced at $550.00



16’ Reed (Bombard) 12 note extension

 Chests are new and are Electro-Pneumatic Reisner DVA valves.

 Blocks and boots are wood.

  For sale with chests and reeds only.

 We have resonators but top two are missing .

 They were full length 16’ with no mitering and were metal.

 Would be great with wood resonators!

 Resonators are sectioned. 

Can also sell with resonators or you can install your own.

 Priced at $700.00



8’ Rohr Bourdon


 3 1/2” Wind

 61 Notes

 Priced at $500.00



Barton Tibia (8’- 61 notes) 

15” Wind pressure leathered lips

  Priced at $400.00 plus S&H if required




1’ Pitch

61 Pipes

 3 1/2” Wind

 Priced at $300,00 plus S&H if needed. 


Moller 2’ Blockflote

 61 Notes 

3 1/2” Wind 

Priced at $400.00 plus S&H if needed



Preliminary List of Pipe work That Just Arrived  Most is Moller  Ask If Interested  

16’ Casavant Bombard 32 notes 6” wind

4’ Casavant Clarion

Barton Tibia 15” wind

Princiapl 2’ 3 ½” wind

Block Flute  2’ metal 3” wind

Principal 4’  3” wind

Rohr Bourdon 8’ metal 3” wind

Sifflote  1’ 3 ½” wind

Block Flute 2’  metal  3 ½” wind

Viole-D-Gamba 8’  3 ½” wind

Many other mixtures, principals, flutes & mutations not yet listed.

2’ Principal Moller

 (73 note- was unit at 2’ & 1’)

3 1/2” Wind

 Priced at $425.00 plus S&H if required.



Moller 16’ Capped Ranks or will just sell bass 12 of 16’ if needed

 Available 16’ Quintaten, 16’ Metal Bourdon, 16’ Rohr Bourdon

 Inquire for details.


Moller 16’ Holtz Gedeckt

 Bottom 12 note extension of 16’

 Low CCC measures 7 ½ x 6 ½”. 

Priced at $350.00


Many Moller Bass Offset Chests Available

 Most are compact layout. 

Tell us what you need.


Moller Reservoirs

 Many Sizes

 Good Leather

 Cone & Curtain valve Styles

 Tell us what you need. 

Moller Pedal Bourdon & Chests

 #1- 24 with chests. 

Generous Scale. 

Priced at $250.00


Wood Grill work with 10 faηade pipes 

Measures 63” high x 53” wide (with the faηade pipes measures 69” wide).

 There are 5 faηade pipes on each side.

 There are some dents in the faηade pipes, but they are very thin metal and can easily be rolled out.

 Includes Grill, 10 pipes and racking for pipes.

 At the bottom of the grill are two doors for tuning access.

 Was from a small 2 rank Wicks residence organ and was built into a plaster arch way originally.

 We also have the console from this organ that was built against this grill work.

 Ideal for a residence or chapel installation. 

Grill priced at $250.00 Best if picked up.



Kilgen 16’ Pedal Bourdon

 I have all 3 chests that housed the pedal bourdon (16-8-4’). 

Also all pipes.

 Will sell as one complete unit or by the chest.

 Ask for information.


Kilgen Swell Motor

 Worked when removed

 Priced at $100.00

Kilgen 16’ Gedeckt Extension

 Was a 12 note extension to the swell unit flute.

 Includes 12 -16’ pipes and a 12 note chest and racking and legs.

 Worked when removed. 

Priced at $400.00




Kilgen Pedal Reservoir

 Needs to be releathered

 Curtain Valve Style

26" x 36"

 Priced at $300.00 


Kilgen Pipe work from 2 manual & Pedal Kilgen Organ just removed. 

All in very nice condition. 

Ask for information.


Kilgen 31 note pedal top chest with pipes.

 This extended pedal to 4’.

 Also great to use for a band organ or calliope project.

 Starts at C#.

  Priced at $400.00 plus S&H.


Kilgen Tremolo.

 Worked when removed. 

Priced at $100.00 plus S&H

Kilgen winker reservoir with stop action and 2 springs.

 Priced at $100.00 plus S&H


 16’ Manual Gedeckt  (from Swell Organ). 

It is made by Estey and is 61 notes and is in nice condition.

 Was on 4” wind. Priced at $450.00. 

Must pick up at our York, PA warehouse.


Moller 18 note bass offset chest

Priced at $125.00

Klann Electric Tripper Action Combination Action and stop board

Worked when removed.

Priced at $125.00

16' Pedal Bourdon (44 notes) pipes and chests

Priced at $425.00 Must be picked up.

We have a selection of 16' Pedal Bourdon sets in stock.

Manual 16' Flute extension (bass 12)

Priced at $225.00

Kimball Tibia Clausa (theatre organ rank)

Leathered lips 10" wind

Priced at $400.00

Best if picked up.

Haskell 8' Gross Flute Bass 12 notes

Could also be used as a 8' Open Diapason Bass (Estey)

Nice big heavy sound

Priced at $300.00 for the 12 note bass.

Best if picked up-very heavy to ship!

Wicks Swell Shades (for angled opening) Includes Shades, frame and motors.

Priced at $250.00 plus S&H if required.


16' Open Wood Diapason Wind Chests (2) of electro pneumatic design.

The larger chest was used with pipes laying down originally but can be used either way.

Priced at $400.00 for both picked up at our York, PA warehouse