Décor Items

Check with us for prices

Pedal Pipe Waste Can

 Yes it is a real pedal pipe and the mouth has plexiglass in it so you can see inside the pipe

 From late 1800 John Brown Organ

 Priced at $45.00 plus shipping


Walnut Coffin Stands  (late 1800’s) 

 Ornate Turned stands fold very easy

 They were used in churches and homes to hold the coffin .

 These days they have many other decor uses!

 This is an exceptionally nice fancy pair in perfect condition

 Priced at $220.00 plus shipping


Brass Advent Wreath with enamel lettering

 Very well made and compact

 Priced at $125.00 plus shipping


Church Hymn Board Numbers Cabinet

 Oak Arts & Crafts Style

 Unusual with hinged top for loose numbers and bottom door for boxed numbers. 

Tapered cabinet that is wider at the bottom. 

Very Unusual Piece and a great addition to any Arts & Crafts Décor.

 Priced at $175.00 plus S&H.


Oak Coffee or End Table

Made from pipe organ console parts.

Legs were organ bench legs and top was the console top cut down and reworked to make this nice interesting arts & crafts inspired table.

Size is 29" Long x 17" Wide by 20" High.

Priced at $150.00 plus S&H

Plaster Ornamentation from a theatre from the 1920's (some chips as seen).

Unique part of theatre history.

Priced at $25.00 plus S&H

Cast Iron Antique Church Flag Pole Base.

These were used in churches to hold flags on display.

Its hard to find the nice old ones these days!

Ideal way to display any flag!

Priced at $75.00 plus S&H

Hymnal Racks. Priced at $15.00 each.

These have many uses from magazine racks to spice racks.

Use your imagination!

Vintage Adjustable Arm Console Light. Great vintage look. From 1930 Moller Organ.

Priced at $20.00 plus S&H

Pipe Organ Case Finials

Two Kimball Case Finials (Wood and Plaster) $25.00 each Plus S&H



Church Wood Carvings. Each board has three carvings (two boards available) Carvings are the same on each board.

$25.00 per board.

Early Wood Church Signs.

St. Paul's Lutheran Sign- $115.00

Zion Shaffers Union Sign- $75.00

Old Vintage Metal Church Signs.

Methodist Church Sign- (We have two of these) Price $ 50.00 per sign

Three Rivers Union Sign Price $45.00

St. Davids Church Fair-Auction Sign $45.00

Austin Organ items from our Museum.

Working Austin Fan Tremolo-(wall mounted for working display)Price $150.00

Ask on prices for other Austin items.

Vintage Organ Photos (most are framed) ask for prices and selection.

We have many more than are pictured.

Most are $12.00 to $20.00 depending on what they are.