Carousel Band Organs

Carousel Numbered Print - Wonderland Pier Carousel - by Margaret G. Thorn MFA - Number 4 of 250 done in 2007. It has nice color and is new and unopened. Measures 18 x 14". Very Nice piece of carousel art!
Priced at $45.00 plus shipping

Carousel Print Carousel Print
Carousel Print Carousel Print

Band Organ Information

Lot # 1

 Wurlitzer 103 Violin Pipes Drawings

  Priced at $20.00 plus shipping



Lot # 2

 Violin Frein Sizes chart plus 165 tracker bar layout and other band organ information

 Priced at $20.00 plus shipping


Lot # 3

 Reed and shallot info for Wurlitzer 104 trumpets

 plus 103 melody violin info etc

 Priced at $20.00 plus shipping


Wurlitzer 104 Building Plans 

Stanoszek (Photo Copy Shop Book)

 Priced at $20.00 plus shipping


The Fairground Organ

 Cockayne (Shop Photo Copy)

 Priced at $20.00 plus shipping



Player Piano Rebuilding

 Shop Photo Copy

 Priced at $15.00 plus shipping



Various Drums Available as seen in pictures

 Let us know what ones you are interested in.

Great for project organs.


Fair Organ Preservation Society Car Grill Badge


 Very Rare Badge made in limited numbers at the time

 Made by Renamel

Well known English badge maker

 Priced at $100.00 plus S&H



Wurlitzer Band Organ Scales Book

By Doyle Lane

No longer in print

This is a photo copy of the entire booklet in a plastic jacket note book

Priced at $20.00 plus S&H


How To Build an Electronic band Organ by Victor Searle

Out of print book

Photo Copy of entire book in plastic note book

 Priced at $20.00 plus S&H


Bronze Screen for Painted Band Organ Screens

 No More Rust Issues

 This is very hard to find and very expensive

 Sold by the yard

 Let us know how much you need and we will quote a price.



Vinyl LP Band Organ Record- Winston Band Organ

 Operated at fairs and carnivals throughout the US in the 70' & 80's. 

Priced at $10.00 plus S&H


Carved Wood Carousel Horse Head

Wall mounted with glass eyes.

Use as wall mounted or as a start for carving a complete horse.

It iswell carved and has some age to it.

I don't know who carved it but it has a great look!

Priced at $350.00 plus S&H.

Hand Painted Pipe Screen for a Wurlitzer 103 band organ.

This is copied from an original design and was recreated on bronze screen so it will not rust like all the originals did.

Priced at $125.00 plus S&H

Tuned Metal Bell Bars (24 notes- G# to G).

Use as they are or rework for bell bars on a band organ project.

Priced at $35.00 plus S&H

Oak Turned Carvings (2). Can be used on a band organ case orany other creative use.

Priced at $30.00 for the pair plus S&H

Old Wood shell drum for band organ or theatre organ use.


one 12" wood side single head drum (not as old as the ones above but wood shell with good head) $35.00


More Modern Drums- can be used in toy counters or band organswhere old look is not needed

one - 12" $20.00

one - 20" $40.00

one - 14" Snare metal sided $25.00

one - 14" bad head $15.00

one - 14" Tom Tom $25.00

one - 14" bad head $15.00

24" Bass Drum Heads

Newer plastic type bass drum heads (lot of 3)

Priced at $20.00 plus S&H

Older Band Organ Rally Posters and T Shirts

(T Shirts are size L only and only 1 of each rally is available)

Posters are $25.00 ea and T Shirts are $15.00 ea plus S&H

New Old Stock porcelain lamp sockets used for Carousel lighting or any vintage lighting application.

Price is $3.50 each plus S&H. A rare find!

Lot of 11 old style lamp sockets

 Ideal for band organ or player piano use where old style lighting sockets are required. (New Old Stock)

 You are buying all 11 for $25.00 plus S&H