Kinetic 1/2 HP Blower - Single Phase
220vac now but can be wired to 115vac.
350 CFM @ 4" wind. Played 4 ranks at 4" wind. Kinetic Tin Can design with motor in the center. Includes blower cradle. 6" outlet.
Priced at $400.00 must be picked up.

Kinetic Kinetic

Spender Blower Regulator with weights
These are rather hard to find and work well
This is a nice one
Priced at $225.00

Spender Spender

Spencer 2 Hp Blower
3 phase
nice condition (1965 circa)
Working well when removed.
Priced at $600.00

Spencer Spencer

Spencer Blower

 From a Theatre Organ

 10 Wind

 5 Hp

 3 Phase 220 Vac.

Priced at $400.00

  Must Be Picked Up


Spencer 3/4 Hp

 115 or 220 Volt

 Priced at $350.00 

Must Be Picked Up

Kinetic Tin Can Style Organ Blower Cradle

 Priced at $20.00 Plus Shipping